Thursday, July 15, 2010

The new storage container...

We decided that we'd like to have a "new" set of patio-type furniture for our back deck. The old plastic adirondack chairs we brought with us from Manitoba are faded and a greenish residue rubs off on clothing. No need for brand spanking new. We were going to look for used stuff. We found some at a yard sale. Yahoo! Metal chairs and a glass-topped table. The chairs come with comfy cushions! Very nice.

Problem arises. They're cloth and not water-resistant. Hmm... we could put them in the house. No... that's not a good idea. We could put them in the extra-large-humongous dog crate that's still sitting on the deck. Hmm... it's got holes for ventilation and the cushions are still getting wet... I know!! We should get a box for the deck! Yeah!!!

So... off to Kent Home Hardware. I know they've got just what I need! Tra-la-la... skipping happily into Kent and checking out their storage bins. I played a version of Three Bears with the display models. This one is too small. This one is too short. This one is just right, but it's real flimsy. Hey! Looka there! This one is beeyootiful! It's big. It's solid. It will easily take on the job of blocking the wind from the barbecue (the only reason the dog crate is still on the deck).

I'll take it!

I get it home. The Mook and I wrestle the light but unwieldy box from the SUV to the deck. Unload groceries, eat lunch, go back outside to ... Da-da-da-daaaaa!!! Build the storage box!

Open the box. Remove pieces and lay them out on the deck for assembly.

One base - check
One lid - check
2 doors - check
2 doors - ... wait a sec...
Where's the sides???

Read the assembly instructions again. Yup. I'm supposed to have 2 doors and 2 sides.

Look at pile of pieces on the deck.

4 doors.

Houston, we have a problem.

Phonecall to Kent.

This was the last box, aside from the floor model. None available at the other Kent location.

For me, the solution was easy:

"Fire that floor model over to me this afternoon and your boys can pick up the defective model."


It's raining cats and dogs today. I'll check the cushions tomorrow. See if they're still dry.

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