Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hurricane Igor

September 21, 2010
Torbay is pretty dark. Hurricane Igor has arrived. 
It’s 7:40 pm and power has been off since around 4pm. I hope the fridge stays cool long enough that the milk doesn’t spoil. I’ve done some knitting on a year-old scarf project and some drawing on a donkey’s eyeball, eaten dinner by candlelight and am currently sitting on a couple of floor cushions in the dining room before a not-so-roaring-anymore wood fire. 
It’s cozy. And dark. I just realized that there’s no internet, which means I can’t post anything to Facebook or my Blog until it’s up and running again. 
How dependent ARE we on electricity? Wow! 
Paul says that some stop signs in St. John’s have been dragged out of their moorings completely. Concrete ripped up and all. Trees snapped in half. We lost a part of our maple tree. Trampolines flipped over onto their heads. Our trampoline lost a stave (it can be fixed). The river from Pippy Park was spilling across the Prince Phillip Drive, and cars were pulled over by the sides of the roads. Abandoned. Trees blown into cars, smack-ups. 

Lower Street stream (not ours, but the next one to us)

Our Waterfall!!! 
Paul took the Echo in to work today and said it shifted about a foot over with each buffet of the wind! This is the little car that stood up on two “legs” on Marine Drive! Glad I wasn’t driving today. 
On the plus side, the new windows aren’t leaking! The ceiling of the master bedroom is dry! 
Also on the plus side, school had been cancelled today, so Sean and Miranda were home all day. Kyle had no work, but would’ve been sent home anyway because the Circle K that he works at was closed early due to some ... technical difficulties. Some part of the gas pump blew away (?) and one of the doors to the store got flung off. 
McDonald’s is closed. Serious stuff.

Torbay in Darkness

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  1. Woah! Amazing pictures!! The weather has certainly been in over drive this last year. There is an area in Australia the size of Germany and France that is currently in flood. And this after 10 years of drought .....


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