Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year has begun. What's new and exciting? Well... not much, actually. We had our usual quiet holiday.

Dana came to visit on the 16th and left on the 30th, but the two of us packed as much into that time as we could. Quietly, of course. She introduced me to the Gilmore Girls, so we spent many evenings watching episode after episode, knitting all the while. We discovered that we don't need the DVD's because it's available on NetFlix. Woohoo! $8.oo per month with all the movies and television shows you want to see! No additional charge per show. (somebody asked Paul that question)

I've also been watching Stargate Atlantis after Sean badgered me to take a look at it. I used to watch the original Stargate series, but stalled out somewhere in Season ?? 2 or 3? Can't remember. I've enjoyed the series, but he just informed me that it ends with Season 5! Hey! I'm ON Season 5 now. That's not good news. I'll have to find another program to use as a knitting aid. Seriously. I knit while watching t.v. It's handy for those stockinette rows with very little else to commend them. If I'm not doing something else, I start dozing off within a few rows. It's hard to finish a sweater with that kind of behaviour. I'm still working on my Lilac Silken Scabbard which I started January 1st, 2010. I'm nearly done the body though, thanks to the above-mentioned television watching. I still have to do the long sleeves. *sigh*

I haven't done any drawing or painting over the holiday season. I'll be starting that again this week or next. First things first... organize the new "closet" space. Since Kyle moved out on December 1st (He's doing well in his new place, btw), I've got a spare room that I've been planning to turn into a storage closet. I'll probably end up tossing many things in the direction of V.V. Boutique during the process of re-organizing. Just as well. "Too much stuff" can be a bad thing. Especially if you can't find your stuff because you've got too much of it that you put it in strange places, meaning to remember where it is, but then forgetting, because you've got too much stuff!!!

Igor has been growing like a weed. Last trip to the vet revealed that he's now 8 pounds! EIGHT Pounds!!! Wow... (Niki has lost 1 1/2 pounds since her last visit, so she's now 18.5 pounds. Probably because she's running around with the puppy instead of lounging on the couch all the time.)

Igor now does a fairly reliable "sit" and "down" although when he's hungry is NOT the best time for a training session. He gets too excited and just can't keep his butt planted on the floor. Velcro may be needed. He comes lickety-split when he's called, and he actually jumps into the shower after a walk. That's a very good thing because we're a very muddy place these days. I'm starting to think that snow wouldn't be such a bad thing to have.

I had to do a quick intervention when he started guarding his chewy treats. Growling at me when I try to take something away from him is NOT acceptable. The trick is to persuade him that I've got something better to give him. So far, so good. Maybe today I shall try him with the Greenie again.

Niki (2yrs) and Igor (3 1/2 mos)

Puppy feet. Paul feet. Feet feet feet

Merry Christmas to you! Igor and Dana

Candy Canes RULE!! Miranda and Dana

Head warmer

RIDE!!!! Igor's 4 months old here.

Puppy and Lambie

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  1. Hey Christine! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Just reading this post, it seems we have a lot in common! I'm a knitter, animal lover (mainly cats though I like dogs too), Stargate fan and organiser of space too ! :-D
    I have dropped off in my blog posting a lot recently since I got onto facebook. This is not something I'm proud of as blogging requires a little more effort and intellectual exercise. Perhaps in 2011 I'll get back into the groove. Re: Macs...the one good thing about iphoto is that it posts DIRECTLY to facebook! Wish it posted directly to blogger *sigh*. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by!


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