Thursday, January 19, 2012

January is chugging along nicely...

Wow! I see it's bee a while since I chatted in my Blog! Christmas has come and gone and the New Year (2013!!!) is well on its way.

What's new? Well, I'd been working like crazy on portraits for Christmas commissions. They were done with TWO days to spare! Yay me!!! I'm trying to build an interest for Valentine's Day portraits, followed by Easter and all those other events in people's lives. Here's a link to my Portrait Blog. I added a slideshow of my work to the top of it, so if you're not interested in reading through everything, or looking at the "in progress" pictures, you don't have to.

My Charmed by Christine Portraits blog

I'm still working at Samuel & Co, a high-end ladies' clothing store in the Avalon Mall. I'm doing between 15 and 25ish hours/week, which is just fine with me.  I need time to do my drawing, you know!!!

Speaking of drawing, I've started work on a new portrait and need to work on that tomorrow. Hmm... I'm also trying to get the house painted. When will I find time for that, I wonder?

I have a Wedding Show to attend mid-February, and another mid-March. They're lots of fun (for me) and I love meeting people, chatting them up. Typical of me, I know.

The dogs are doing great! They're as sweet and adorable as ever, and Igor continues to attend Agility training through the Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association.

It's lots of fun for the two of us. He runs around like a little Energizer Bunny/Goat Boy, hopping over obstacles, through tunnels, across teeters and off-the-ground bridges... I'm looking forward to competing with him this summer! I hope somebody's able to take videos and photos of us! (I'm the NADA's volunteer photographer... )

Sean and Kyle are both in the market for new jobs. Still. Sean signed up with the Union and is being sent to courses that he'll need to have under his belt when he's on a construction site. Falling lessons... as in, how to correctly wear a harness so that IF you fall off something, you won't hurt yourself. Crazy!

Miranda's in Grade 7 now. High school! She's TWELVE!!! OMG!!! Time just flies, doesn't it? Even her gifts are more grown-up these days. A lovely pink toolset (REAL tools!!! Made for Women's smaller hands!!!), from Grandma Sherrill, her very own kite (this is an important thing to have around our house!), and a Bow and Arrow set from us... (Paul's idea - now he has to figure out what she can shoot her arrows into. SAFELY!!! lol...)

Her birthday party was this past weekend. A sleep-over with 4 of her girlfriends. There was very little actual sleep involved. They watched movies and goofed around until the very weeeeee hours. The last "man" standing fell asleep at 7am!

She's attending her first-ever school dance tonight. "Semi-formal," she tells me last night. Just what exactly does that mean? No jeans. Oh... okay... We had to rustle something up from her wardrobe that would be appropriate. Leggings and a cute blouse with ruffles. And make-up. Omigosh...

Well, I must move along now. I'm working from noon until 5 and have a few things to do before I leave. I have my 5-pin bowling afterward, so I should probably put something out for supper tonight. Maybe. Maybe not? Eh... Sean's home. HE can cook supper! :D

Later. Do go check out my other blog. I do good work and I so love to show it off!
Hugs from ME!!!

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