Friday, June 12, 2009

One of those days... again...

Is there anyone who hasn't had one of "those" days where you just want to crawl back into bed? Well, this is certainly one of mine.

Last week was so sunny that we called the "Pool guys" to come and set us up for the season. They showed up on Monday. I think that might have been the very last of the sunny days! It's been rain rain rain ever since then. A bit of a downer for a transplanted Manitoban who has long been accustomed to a sunny AND WARM spring season. You'd think that after 2 1/2 years of living in Newfoundland I'd learn to expect fog and rain. Nope. I'm normally an extremely optimistic gal and look forward to the good things life brings.

So... several days of rain and my head feels like it's full of clouds and fog. A cold coming on or a fogbank moving in? Hard to tell some days.

AND just to make things more entertaining, I can't find the house keys. *sigh* I hope they turn up soon.

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  1. Ha! The keys showed up at the Post Office. It seems that Miss Longlegs *dropped* the keys when she was getting the mail the other day. Ah well. At least I didn't have to go through all the fuss of making a new set of keys. :)


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Wake up call
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