Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The fog rolls in and the fog rolls out...

Well, here we are. Torbay. After a couple of FABULOUSLY sunny days (nearly a week of them) we're back in the rolling fog for which Torbay should be best known. Seriously, there are times when I'll be driving back home from St. John's direction and quite literally be shocked at how thick the fog looks ahead of me. Torbay seems to have a wall around it. The fog creeps, the fog crawls, the fog wisps... crazy! It looks like an impenetrable wall of cloud. Strangely though, once you get INTO the fog, it's not so bad! Of course, that doesn't take into account the days like today, where even though I swear I saw a fishing boat come into the harbour and anchor just offshore, I couldn't make out more than a mere outline a couple of minutes after the fog swallowed it.

We've had some Couchsurfers staying with us since last week. Stephanie (Toronto) came in on Thursday (she's our repeat offender from last year) and Jason (Toronto) and Terhi (Finland via Ottawa) arrived on Friday. Steph's still here until tomorrow noon, but J. and T. left on Monday morning. Weekenders. :)

Cheesecake bake-off between Steph and Sean is still going strong. Steph made a scrumptious strawberry cheesecake on the weekend, followed immediately by the O'Brien's Bread Pudding. Both were awfully good! Sean made a Caramel Pecan cheesecake this afternoon. Taste testing will be anytime now, I hope! I hope he remembers to take a picture before cutting into it!

Lobster season is nearly over. *boohoo* It's been a real treat to have lobster feasts nearly ever weekend! I'm so glad we bought the humongous lobster pot last year and the propane burner this year. It eliminates so much of the hassle. I remember watching Alia try to cook these huge things in the turkey roaster last year. Too funny...

Okay. Gotta go and "remind" Sean to take a picture of the cheesecake! Pictures to follow one of these days.

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Wake up call

Wake up call
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