Friday, February 5, 2010

Further to the broken dryer and water under the house episode:

(When it rains, it pours)

the dryer broke down AGAIN at Christmas while Dana was visiting. It took even longer for the actual service this time. Sure, the appliance guy came out, but we didn't get the actual part in place until January while we were away in the Dominican Republic. The appliance guy speculates that it might be the hose that's the problem. Paul crawled under the house (NEVER CRAWL UNDER THE HOUSE!!!) and found that we have a flexible hose running from one side of the building all the way to the other before venting outside. Yes, that's a problem. It should be a lot closer to the actual appliance. The big problem with that is the bloody air exchangers. They're in the same room as the dryer and the vent for the dryer has to be "a certain distance" (as yet undefined by a professional) away from the intake for the air exchangers. No big surprise. This has not yet been resolved. Give me a little more time! I promise I'll call today. *sigh*

Further to the visit from the Mutt and Jeff plumbers, Inc... The moisture problem in the basement is NOT due to ground water seeping from our backyard. The town had to repair a water line across the road from us. It seems there was a broken pipe running alongside the roadway, gushing water under the tarmac and (big surprise) into our basement. I've been afraid to send Paul to the basement (are you surprised?) to see how the moisture situation is doing. Do we still need a sump pump? A de-humidifier? I don't know!!!! *sigh*

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