Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walking around the Lake...

This was going to be a rant against the never-ending winter, however, after several days' worth of snow falling and melting over and over, it appears that spring is going to make an appearance. I still wouldn't recommend going out in anything less than a pair of long pants and a wind-proof jacket, maybe bring a pair of mini gloves and a pair of ear-warmers... Kleenex, for when your nose runs with the cold air...

Alia, Mook, and I took Niki and Igor for a walk around Quidi Vidi Lake this afternoon. It's a nice jaunt, nothing strenuous. It was a time of several "firsts" for little Igor.

1. First time on a leash for more than 10 minutes
2. First time encountering more than 2 dogs on a walk
3. First time at a dog park
4. First time seeing a bicycle
5. First time seeing ducks

Probably more firsts that I haven't listed.

He started his walk with the most pathetic crying, whining, and howling you've ever heard. He settled down fairly well, and actually insisted on entering the dog park when he saw all the activity going on in the fenced yard. Once there, he proceeded to greet as many dogs as he could, exposing his belly when he had to, then running around like a noodle-head. It was great to see him having so much fun.

Niki wasn't so enthusiastic about the dog park. It was her first time entering one, and she was under-whelmed by all the excitement. Dogs coming up, sniffing her butt, trying to climb on top of her. She stayed pretty close to my feet and kept asking to be picked up and taken out of the melee. No distress, just disgust.

Igor really got into the idea of greeting dogs after the dog park experience, so he was delightfully friendly with the all dogs on the trail around the Lake until we got to the 9-week old boxer. She was NOT a good experience. She grr'ed, chased him around, nipping all the while. He finally growled back at her and scrambled onto my lap.

I'd been clever and forgotten the water bottle at home, so I let the dogs drink out of the placid areas along the shore. Of course, Igor tried to drink where the waves were a bit more energetic. He tried lapping the water but the water lapped him instead.

Moving along a bit further, Igor noticed the ducks. He dashed into the water after them and started swimming. No worries about him and the pool. I think he's going to be a fine water-dog. Good thing I keep towels in the truck.

All in all, a good walk.

The dogs are napping. I'm thinking about joining them.

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