Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st, and the weather is still a bit touchy...

The sky is grey and overcast, and I hear rumours of freezing drizzle, possibly snow. I hope it doesn't come to that. Pity the foo's in Winnipeg (lol... you know who you are!!) who woke up to a blanket of the white stuff. This, after a "fooler" of a high temp of 22 and sunshine last week! Hahaha!!!

Of course, you realize that this is merely sour grapes on my part. At least you will, once you get past spring, achieve an actual summer with sunshine and heat. Those of us in Newfoundland will continue to get grey skies mixed with rolling fog banks, and occasional bouts of sunshine. Summer is expected on a Wednesday this year. I think. Sad for those who work weekdays and only have the weekends off. They'll miss it.

Paul's did a jiu jitsu seminar this weekend, and achieved blue belt status. Yay him! We went out to the Celtic Hearth for dinner last night for the visiting sensei's birthday party. Instead of the Jiggs Dinner Pie that I usually order, I had the Beef and Guinness stew. Mighty good stuff. I could've done without the two chunks of mega-heavy soda bread that it came with. Steamed veggies or a salad would've been great. Ah well. Note to self: NEVER order a bloody caesar at the Celtic Hearth. The bartender managed to mess it up. Twice!

Today was a great day to take the dogs for a walk. It wasn't raining! They gallivanted up and down all the hills nearby, down to the beaches, (all 3 of them), and then up and down some more hills on the way home. They got good and mucky, tangled with twigs and burrs, and needed a shower. Igor's a hoot. I usually shower him first, then Niki. He really enjoys getting wet. So much so that he typically strolls back into the shower while I'm busy washing Niki and tries to duck under the spray! What a little nuisance. :D

Did you know that Cavaliers rub themselves dry on any available surface? Niki typically uses the back of the couch, which is one of the reasons I keep the living room furniture covered with blankets. Today, she used the side of the house in the back yard. Igor watched in amazement. Really. His eyes were huge! Finally he deigned to rub his head on the siding. I don't think it's his gig. He went back to the backyard and ran around in circles until he was semi-dry. There's enough of a wind blowing that I was surprised the dogs weren't drier than they were!

Tomorrow I shall consider prepping some surfaces for painting. Rooms. Not paintings. Actual walls. *sigh* Putty the window frames first. Let them dry for a couple of days. Prime. Prep the bathroom. Paint. Did I mention, "sigh"?

Bye for now. I'm going to sit down with a cup of chai. Relax. Wait for dinner.

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