Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, IGOR!

It's been a year since Hurricane Igor hit Newfoundland, causing so much havoc and destruction. (Are those the same thing?) Things are looking pretty good, although nothing but time will replace the gorgeous trees that were blown down. Hurricane Maria, which was supposed to hit us last week, Sept 16th, turned out to be a no-show. She was a bit of wind and very little rain, and I don't remember hearing about any damage. Let's hear it for Hurricane Maria! Hooray!

Our families' remembrance of Hurricane Igor, while minor in landscaping matters, is pretty awesome in personal matters. September 23rd is the birthday of our little Cavalier boy. Igor "Hurricane" Stravinsky was born during the hurricane last year and subsequently blew into our lives.

Itty bitty baby!
Not at our house yet!

Igor loves to chew! 
He and his "sister," Niki (Nikola Tesla), took a solid 3 weeks to establish any kind of relationship. Niki would wake up in the morning, take one look at this squirmy little puppy and her face would wrinkle up in what could only be called "disgust." At times, his enthusiasm was too much for her and she'd leap to the couch to escape from the little demon-dog. For the first week she was able to escape his attention by climbing the stairs. That didn't last long. Intrepid and bold, Igor was climbing the stairs at 9 weeks of age! His toy of choice was Niki. Her ears were long and silky, perfect for targeting and clinging to. Her tail was the next target.

It took Niki a while, but she finally groomed the little guy into the perfect playmate. His enthusiasm still knows no bounds, and he gets carried away with the face-licking routine. She usually gives a half-hearted growl and he subsides. She taught him to swim this summer. To her chagrin, he's a better, faster swimmer, and usually manages to grab the stick from the stream before she gets there. Stick wars ensue...

The two of them snooze together more often than not, play exhausting games of chase and dodge in the backyard, chase after tossed balls (but never ever bring them back!!), explore the hillsides and trails together, roll on choice spots of ground (Fish or snail goo, or maybe turkey droppings?) charm everybody and anybody that encounters both of them on their many rides out with their mom. (Hi, that's me!) ...

In short, they're all I've ever wanted in a pair of dogs. Thank you, Niki and Igor, for all the love you give me and allow me to lavish on you.

Happy 1st Birthday, Igor. xoxoxo


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  2. Thanks! I'm glad to hear from you, and yes, I do love my dogs very much!


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