Friday, September 30, 2011

Nearly October already!!!

Where the dickens does the time go? I mean, really...

I hear we may be getting another hurricane this weekend. Rumours.. founded or un... I guess we'll see.

I haven't written much about it beyond Facebook, but I recently got a part-time job at a women's clothing store called "Samuel & Co" in the Avalon Mall. It's part-time, @ 15 hours a week is all I was really looking for. I walked in with Dana while she was visiting from Winnipeg, looking for a casual office jacket that would be ideal for job-hunting. Something classic and classy. I had a great time "visiting" with one of the sales associates. Sherri is a bubbly lady with a great personality, and I've chatted with her on other visits. I casually asked her if they were hiring. To my surprise, the answer was "Yes." ... She had the Assistant Manager come out to eyeball me, and I walked out of the store with an interview set up for the following day.

I rushed home, euphoric with the idea, revamped my resume and tried to figure out what to wear! (these things are important, you know!)

I've now completed my 4th shift, and I'm still in training mode. I had a week off to work on the Wedding Show for my Pet Portrait biz, and am participating in the Farmer's Market in Torbay over the next 2 Sundays, with other events coming up whenever I hear of them. (I'm really trying to make a go of my portrait business!)

The training days are sort of odd things. The first day I sat in the back room, in a comfy chair, reading their policies and procedural manual. The second day I spent 5 hours trying on everything I could in the store! Princess time. I LOVE trying on clothes, but 5 hours was tiring.

The official 3rd day of training was cancelled on account of the no-show Hurricane Maria, but I've since done that one this week. It was a hoot! Spanx Training. I have to tell you a bit about it.

For those of you who don't know what Spanx are (lucky things!), they are control undergarments that are intended to smooth your profile into curvy and luscious lines. They really work. Really... They're just very entertaining to get into! I know this because as part of my training, I had to try them on!!!

There are several different styles, and the store only carries a few of them. Most are pretty simple... step into them, pull them up a bit at a time until they're sitting where you want them to be.

However, the "Slim Cognito Shape-suit" is a bit more problematic, and it's this one I'm going to describe...

Here's a picture of it:

The innocent-looking garment
This is their description of it: Spanx is shaping up and innovating yet again! The Shape-Suit introduces a zoned-compression option into the slip category. This seamless shaper, which features removable underwire and a narrow strap platform, looks like a bodysuit but provides the all-in-one coverage of a slip!

Here's how it goes on:

1. Step one foot into the garment.

2. Manage to stick that first leg through the minuscule hole at the bottom and proceed to squeeze the garment up to thigh height.

3. Stick 2nd foot through other leg, and attempt to squeeze the garment to the same thigh height.

4. Spend several minutes attempting to "S P R E A D" the garment open enough to enable you to have both thighs in. Continue to tug garment up to thigh height.

5. Manage to establish your dominance over the thigh shaping area of the garment, only to discover that your hips are now attempting to take over.

6. SQUEEZE (and twist and wiggle) your hips into the appropriate portion of the garment.

7. Pull garment up to bust-height... this will take more twisting and wiggling.

Your co-worker will be coming to the door sometime during this process to ask how you're doing. Your response will vary from muffled to garbled to outright laughter, depending on whether your squeezing or pulling, or checking out your pretzel-shaped body in the mirror while in the midst of dressing.

To continue:

8. Put your arms through the arm straps of the garment. This is best done with firm pressure applied to the strap to keep it from snapping back down to your waist.

9. Gently but firmly tug the under-wired bodice section of the garment over your bust... settle the "girls" in place.

At this point, you should be able to shimmy yourself into proper position, wiggling all those little bits into the spots where they're going to be "controlled" by the garment.

Voila! The garment, while difficult to get into, is worth the effort! (aside from the fact that the girls aren't being supported by your own lift-and-shape bra - a serious drawback from my vantage point. I'd get the open-front version where I can wear my own bra. Does the same job without all the shenanigans.)

Your body looks fabulous. Put your clothes over it and confirm the assessment by turning and posturing in front of the mirror for a few pleasure-filled minutes. Your ass looks firm and perky, your waist is flat and solid, all those little bumps and lumps are miraculously smoothed away. *smile*

Then comes the realization that what goes on, must come off... Have fun peeling the banana-skin down.


Shift 4, yesterday, I spent time out on the floor, greeting customers with welcoming smile. While I'm a very friendly sort, my smile was feeling a bit tired by the end of 5 hours. The rest of me was in hot pursuit, in a tired sort of way.


Bowling at 8, but I got a ride, so had to leave the house much earlier. Walked the dogs quickly, fed them their supper, and headed off for a few fun-filled hours of cussing at the 5-pins.


Just recollecting the plane that flew over Torbay Bight last Saturday morning... Check out this picture! It's the Department of Fisheries doing a check of the cod-fishers. I wondered how they'd know how many fish there were in each boat. Now I know! They swoop down low enough, over and over, and count the fish one by one!

Close enough to count the codfish, one at a time!


Saw a moose meandering through our yard yesterday (Thursday) morning around 7am! I ran downstairs in my altogethers to fetch my Nikon with the zoom lens. By the time I got back to the bedroom, Mr. Moose was scooting up the hillside so I zipped out the door onto the balcony to catch a couple of quick shots. He was motoring faster than I thought, so I didn't get as good a batch of pix as I'd hoped. Add to that the fact that I was standing on the balcony in all my glory, shivering in the early morning chill...

I hear it's moose-hunting season this weekend. I could hide a moose in the house if I had to!

Ta for now!

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