Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20th, Paul's birthday...

It's been a while since I've been able to get onto the computer. Not that I "couldn't" get on, but I've been keeping really busy lately. Since I moved some of my studio items up to the front foyer, I've been able to get in there and paint whenever I wanted. Bought a book on techniques/tips and have been enjoying practicing the projects. Mostly. *wry grin* I've been knitting like nuts and currently have 2 things on the go. Alia has kindly offered to do the garter stitch on the scarf for her brother. Yay! I cast the sucker on (110 st). It's a thick and chunky yarn being worked on size 13's. It should be done in next to no time. Which is good. I want to mail the stuff off to B.C. sometime next week. 2 things for the girls, one for Jen, and one for Dante. Should I do something for the dogs?

Finished 2 pairs of mittens, one of which I'm happy with. I'll keep the originals and wear them as driving gloves/mitts. They're definitely not warm enough for Winnipeg winter. One more pair to go, and a scarf. Then the Winnipeg contingent is finished. Hooray!

I finished a cute little hat for Miranda. My favorite "Homespun" pattern, but with a different yarn. Or should I say "yarns" since I used 3 different colours. I really hate that the first stitch always looks staggered and stupid. I tried lifting the stitch below and knitting it together with the next one, as it suggests in the darned book, but it actually looks worse. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I'll be searching for an answer on that. Soon.

Working on the same hat pattern for Shauna. Hey! It's a cute hat! I like it. I still want to make another one for Alia and myself. Two hats. Not one to share. Two. I've got this lovely purple Homespun... Maybe after Xmas?

Hey, Dana! Thanks for teaching me to knit. I think. 

Sewing sewing sewing. I've got some sewing to do. Projects are cut and ready to assemble. I'm heading off to Tina's place on Monday (hopefully) and I'll see if she can machine embroider some cute little emblems on the doll sweatshirts. If not, I'll have to sacrifice a bit of material. Note to self: next time, ask Tina to embroider BEFORE cutting out the pattern piece.

*yawn* It's nearly 11:30 pm and I'm pooped. It's been a long-ish day. I have to remember to get on Facebook tomorrow and let my "Preserve the Torbay Coastline" group know that Geoff (the new Deputy Mayor) has brought up a motion (or something like that) to rescind the rezoning of Dominion Hill at the next meeting. Yay! I'll have to ask Madeleine for more details before I go off half-cocked. Still... "Yay!"

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Wake up call
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