Sunday, November 8, 2009

RIP Steve

I was just looking over Paul's Ride the Rock website yesterday. It's something that the motorcyclists 'round these parts have hooked up with. Paul's been able to connect with riders all around Newfoundland and beyond, both online and in person! It's been really incredible. A great community.

However, there was a tragedy a few months back. One of their members was in a head-on crash with a truck when his bike swung wide onto the wrong side of the road on a blind turn. Steve died at the scene. He had been on a month-long holiday, biking and camping across Newfoundland, a dream of his since he'd seen the gorgeous photos posted by some of the Newfoundland members. He was with another of the Ride the Rock members. Nolan just posted the ride report, which is what the riders do upon completion of their trips. It includes photos and brief videos of their time together. Steve's wife and children wrote on the forum, expressing how much it meant to Steve to be involved with the motorbike community and how, although it was painful, the photos and videos helped them through the rough times right after Steve's death.

I was crying before I even saw the darn pictures. Kleenex were flying like snow while Paul scrolled through the report. The report and the photos showed a pair of grown men having a wonderful time, doing their favorite thing (dirt biking). Laughing, having fun, getting to know each other and becoming more comfortable with each other as their friendship (in person rather than just online) grew. There's a video clip of them "hanging around" at a playground, acting like a couple of kids hanging on the monkey bars and swinging on the swings. Smiling, laughing. Good times.

I laughed through my tears because I just couldn't help myself. But it was just so damn sad. I realized that I was seeing the last days in the life of a very nice man. The final photos and video were taken within a few hours of his death.

Life is so fleeting and you never know when your number is going to come up. I wonder if it's a consolation to Steve's family to know that he'd enjoyed his last days...

~ Chris

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