Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watching the U of Wpg's convocation on a Webcast

Well, it's another weather-odd day in Newfoundland and I'm sitting in front of the computer watching the live webcast of the U of Wpg's convocation!!! My daughter was just on a little while ago. I cried. I really wish I could be there, but it's nice that they offer the web option for those, like us, who are away. Paul and I sat together and waited for her 5 seconds of fame, then sent her a text message. Paul, being Paul, said to tell her to stop picking her nose... I did... Good thing she's got a sense of humor and rebutted with a "U saw that? I hoped you hadn't!" ... *sigh*

What's new in our family these days? Well, Sean, the eldest at 26 is taking a Construction Electrician course at Academy Canada. It will include an apprenticeship program and he's doing very well in it so far. He's been able to brag several times that he's gotten 100% in his exams! Way to go, Sean!

Kyle is now the Assistant Manager at the Irving Circle K store that he's been working at for the past year. No more school for him. He dropped out of the Physics program last year and has no immediate intentions of returning to university. Every now and then he mentions hair styling as a career option...

Both boys plan to return to Manitoba eventually... in fact, I suspect they'll both be heading there as soon as they can. *sigh* I'll miss them.

Dana's graduation doesn't mean the end of studies for her. She plans to attend the U of Manitoba to become a Dietician. A 2-year post-degree program. I wish they had a program here at MUN, but they don't... in fact, they had a 4-year program that they were talking about dropping altogether.

Moving on...

The weather here is up-and-down. It can't seem to make up its mind whether to let summer arrive or not. Spring-like weather means we're still getting holy-poop rainstorms, heavy fog, and the occasional sunny day. Not necessarily warm on the sunny day. Two days ago we had a lovely warm shower! It was like standing in a sauna. I managed to get a bit of colour on my face by virtue of helping with the stream clean-up behind my friend's place. I also managed to get bitten by almost every darned black fly in the swampy area! Itchy doesn't begin to describe the feeling. By the 2nd day I gave in and took an anti-histamine to alleviate the horrible itch! Unfortunately it was a "drowsy" formula... didn't know that when I went to fetch Sean. Hmmm... what a zoned-out feeling that was. I made darned sure that Sean drove home while I let my mind wander in la-la land by itself. I didn't take the next tablet until bedtime!!

Oooh! New thing! Paul FINALLY persuaded me to take a motorcycle training course. *sigh* Yes. I'm going to try to become a "motorcycle mama." It's a 2-day course. Friday is in a classroom, Sunday is in the parking lot on a motorcycle. *gulp* Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm very nervous. But resolved. If all else fails, it will get Paul off my back. At best, I'll be able to ride Kyle's cute little Buell Blast every now and then.

Painting continues apace. Three golden retrievers in one painting. As a break from that painting, I've been working on a cute portrait of our little Niki-girl. She's much easier to do. Gee... I wonder why. Oh yeah... I have her right here as a model. I've also got an excellent photo that I'm working from. I have to literally yank myself away from that canvas to get to work on the commissioned one. Ah well... Fortunately Alia keeps me on the straight-and-narrow.

Next painting will be of the turkey chicks from next door. I've got new chicks to photograph and an old photo from a couple of years ago to use as the background. They're adorable-looking things. Much like chicken-chicks, but taller and with bigger feet. As they get older, they look very much like the "just add water" monsters from Marvin the Martian (remember Bugs Bunny?). Still cute, but kind of bizarre.

~ Christine

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