Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching up a bit...

Hello again, all you wonderful Blog readers... lol... you know who you are. (Hi Mom and Schum!) :D

It's June 16, and spring may be here. Okay, it's PROBABLY here, but some days it's hard to tell. In fact, if it weren't for the dandelions and lush greenery (mostly on the same plant), it'd be tough to tell by the weather. It's been foggy for the majority of June. A couple of nice days. Tuesday was gorgeous! Sunny and almost warm. Wednesday (yesterday) wasn't too bad either. I took a walk on the East Coast Trail with Paul and the doglins in the afternoon. I wore mini gloves, but that might just be because I'm a wuss. Or not.

The dogs got all-over muddy, as usual. The trail is somewhat wet. I wonder why?! ;p I've discovered a great way of pre-washing the beasts before letting them in the house. The stream! I stand them in the stream and give them a little rinse. Yes, it's cold. No, they don't like it. Do I care? No! When they've got mud all the way up to their elbows, they need the pre-wash! Have you ever tried carrying a pair of 15 - 20 pound dogs up to a shower? At the same time?! No? Well then...

Today is a rainy rainy day. Paul drove in to work with Alia instead of riding the motorcycle. I guess it's not comfortable standing around in wet clothes in the cold basement at the hospital. Nope.

I'm putzing with my drawing of Karen and Sean, Alia's cousin and cousin-to-be. The wedding is on July 9th, (my Sean's birthday!), and I'm sure they'll love it.

Family  members... shhhhhh!!! It's still a surprise!!!

I went to the NL Pet Expo this past Sunday. I'd hoped to see the Newfoundland Agility Demonstration, but sadly, I missed it. I stood in the arena, listening to some guy introducing a bunch of dogs in a ring. I didn't hear the announcement for the Agility Demo being held outside. I spoke to a lady on Tuesday who said the fellow at the demo wondered why there weren't many people watching... Bad acoustics? Yep.

It was a fun event nonetheless. I met a number of people with Cavaliers, and one woman (Hi Mel!) who's anxiously waiting for her first Cavalier to arrive! One of the little Cavvies, a 7 month old, looked exactly like Niki! No, I didn't get a photo of her, but believe me... the face was identical! Cute and pretty.

There were a number of vendors at the show, food samples (I prefer the Taste of the Wild), pet treats, (I discovered a new treat for the beasties... Freeze-dried Beef Lung! Yeah, I know... yuck... but hey! They love it) a pet groomer, NL Pet Finder, The Doghouse, Little Angels Doggy Daycare... many more!

One of the vendors was a pet portrait artist whose name completely escapes me! I have one of her cards somewhere around the house, but I can't seem to be able to find it... I'll be keeping my eyeballs peeled. She does really good work. She's been in business for about a year and doesn't advertise on Facebook or Website or anything. Just word-of-mouth. She says she's doing pretty well. I'd love to get in touch with her, so if anybody reading this blog knows her name or has her contact info... please let me know! "Dana" Something...  (She and her mom at their booth in the background)

Here's Niki and I with another purple-apparelled, black & tan Cavalier owner. 

They had a Pet Fashion Show and a Pet Walk where they talked about the different kinds of dog breeds. (Miranda walked them on their tether... Igor fell off the stage... funny!) Niki and Igor wore clothing borrowed from The Doghouse for the fashion show. Igor wore an adorable xoxo's jacket, while Niki wore a very amusing red snowsuit. (I don't think she was amused.) The winner of the Fashion Show was a Great Dane wearing a homemade Batman costume. Not a surprise. It was a fabulous outfit! (bad photo, sorry, he twitched and the camera isn't the quickest.)  Ferrets, rabbits, rats, dogs, cats... All kinds of pets were in attendance!

Igor's trying to get out of the ring.

Niki's not too keen on wearing the snowsuit. I can't blame her... It looked pretty funny. 

Oops... He sort of fell off the stage. Miranda had her hands full with these guys!

A rat in a flower costume

Bat Dog!!! 

A pair of ferrets and their girls

Little Niki got a piece of hair bling at the pet groomer's. It looks so sweet on her. I like it and if I can figure out where to get the metal beads that the groomer used to crimp the feather to the hair strand, I'm definitely picking up a handful! Very, very pretty!

Hair Bling for Niki

Miranda's getting fitted for some mouth metal this summer. She had her orthodontist appointment this past week. They put the mold material in her mouth and she nearly gagged (breathe through your nose, honey!) ... not too much fun. Then they took photos of her teeth (very funny), and her jawline, some x-rays. Several girls in her class have braces already, so she knows what to expect. She's not very thrilled, but rather resigned. Here's a picture of how they took a photo of her teeth. Enjoy!

And just to wipe away the memory of that picture, here's a few more that we've taken over the past few months.

Crazy Hair Day

Bun Hawk. Super easy to do!

Fuzzy hair as a result of wearing a Bun Hawk

Pretty hair

Knotted hair into a pair of pigtails. Very charming.

And here's a few pictures from my recent walks.

There. Did I wipe out the memory of the lip spreaders? :D

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