Thursday, September 17, 2009

Am I hooked?

I'm not entirely sure what constitutes an addiction. I usually take great pride in NOT being able to get addicted to anything, but realize that I'm a huge book-devourer. THAT might be an addiction. But other than that... and chocolate... So far, I've gotten away with it.

Is that changing? I'm working on this shawl, and I want to have it done for Christmas. I'd really like to have it done even sooner so that I can start on another project (oh no... another sign!!), and that means I have to commit time to knitting. I've been knitting while visiting with my best friend, while cooking dinner, while sitting with the family post-dinner, pre-bed, and now... post-bed!!! I'm knitting while waiting for it to be time to drive Miranda to school!!!! While waiting for coffee to be done!!!

Worst thing of all is that I'm actually wavering between reading and knitting! AAAAAaaaaaaggh!!

I'm afraid to go to the library, because it might become official when I start looking for knitting books. Oh gods... what am I going to do?!!!

DANA! This is all YOUR fault!

Love you. ;)

Gotta go doctor up my coffee and pick up my knitting again. I'm heading out to Michael's with Gerri later in order to use my 50% off coupon to buy a ginormous (or medium-sized ginormous) canvas... maybe some yarn... and some non-plastic needles! They squeak and my yarn sticks to them!

... going now... must get off the computer before I look at yarn requirements for another project... *gasp*


  1. Believe me dahling, there are much, much worse things to be addicted to!

  2. True... I'm very glad that I'm not addicted to thrills and excitement! The garbage truck incident (follows this blog) is quite enough for me for this week.


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