Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday again.

Funny how the days just keep sliding by. We've been cleaning house like crazy this past few days. Company coming, etc... Miranda's room's been completely changed around. She loves it, but there's tons of stuff to discard. Value Village, here we come. Well, here ALIA comes. :)

I get to finish the job with a vacuuming this morning. All the carpets need it desperately. And sweeping. I get to sweep too. Yeehaw! I hope to get some time to play with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 today. What're the odds? Yeah. Pretty slim.

Unless you count using it this morning to crop a photo of Miranda to attach to Alia's e-mail about the Terry Fox Run. I wonder how that'd print... hmm... I guess I could give that a try too. Laser printer is up and running...

Procrastinating again, aren't I? Yup.

Here's the picture I wound up with. I wonder if I can get Alia's hand/arm out of the photo too. ... hmmm...

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Wake up call

Wake up call
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