Thursday, September 17, 2009

Garbage Truck hits the Deck...

Weird. There I was, innocently minding my own business and thinking about pouring a fresh cup of coffee... then sitting down and knitting (agh!) when I saw the garbage truck go by... no biggie right? It's garbage day. Suddenly *WHAM!!!* ... the house shook! Damn truck hit the deck! Clutch slipped? Something... The guy had managed to toss 2 of our garbage bags into the truck, gone back for the 3rd and final, turned... truck's rolling!!! Missed the car in our driveway, missed the side of the house... just took out the front deck. *Phew!* Could've been worse.

Enough excitement for the day. Tow truck needed to haul it out. That might be fun. :)

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Wake up call
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