Saturday, September 19, 2009


Took a Smart car for a test drive today. What fun! It felt really strange at first, not because it's a small car, but because there's no power steering and you have to turn as you're moving, and also because the brake pedal is a weird thing... push from the top instead of lightly from the bottom like the Malibu.

Too bad we're not going to get one... *boo* It was fun!

Talked to my dear darling daughter for a bit this afternoon until her pain inna butt friend came over. *grr* I'M more important! Talking about KNITTING is more important than studying chemistry. *hmpf*

Picked up a new book at Michael's yesterday. "fitted knits" by Stefanie Japel. Some fun looking sweaters in there. I added it to my Ravelry library and checked out some of the sweaters in the book. Some definite possibilities in there!

Got new canvases yesterday too. *pbbbtttht!* at Dana ... Three 30" x 40" ... or is that 40" x 30" ?? Hmm... Depends on how I want to set them on the wall of the kitchen. Now to figure out exactly what I want to paint! Must get some drawings/pastels done. I was thinking of something that sort of looks tropical and lush, to match the painting that Miranda's planning to do for Xmas. But maybe I should do something using some of the great photographs I have from Winnipeg. Birds and flowers... birds' eye view of the flowers? Eh. Whatever. I'll get some drawings done and figure it out from there. You'll help me, right? Dana? Hellooooo! :)

I'm going to re-paint *gasp* the buckets on my Casting for Capelin painting. The more I look at the stupid things, the more I hate them. I can do better than that. I should've changed it as soon as I realized the perspective was wrong. But I didn't... Now I'm unhappy. It's off the wall. Soon it'll be on the easel. Yeah. That's right. On The Easel.

Wait... where am I going to put the easel? We've got a couchsurfer coming sometime this month, and then Pat is coming at the start of October... argh! It may have to wait. NooOoooooo.... *sigh*

Going to go upstairs now. Either I'll take a bath or I'll take up my knitting. No... knitting in the bath doesn't work. Maybe I'll hot tub instead. Yeah... that and a glass of wine. That may get rid of these stupid little aches I've got thanks to catching Miranda's cold. Yeah... hot tubbing!

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Wake up call
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