Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love getting presents in the mail...

Especially when they're full of yummy goodness like CHOCOLATE!!! It was an unexpected surprise, but that's the best kind, right? Right. Mom and George sent me word the other day that "a package was in the mail" and should be arriving soon. "Soon" was shortly defined as "in a couple of days" because it just arrived on Friday! Yayyy... Thanks so much!!!

Remember the days of "snail mail?" The days before e-mail sucked everybody along in its wake. The days before Hotmail, Yahoo, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter... You know, the good old days when you'd sit down and write a letter, maybe tuck in a few photos, or even tuck a letter into a parcel and then take it to the post office.

Ever since moving to Newfoundland, it has become the norm to send or receive a parcel! It's always a pleasant surprise. Sometimes there's a letter or card to accompany it. Nowadays, with the ease of "send to print" style letters written on the computer, the simple act of sitting down and scrawling a few lines makes the note more personal and cherished.

This week, Dana received her care package from us. This week, I received a care package from Mom and George.

Oh.... what's in it? lol... wouldn't you like to know?

Hey, Mom! Do I have to share the chocolate?

~ Chris

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