Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well, further to the drawing workshop weekend, I went to a painting studio today...

there's an instructor, every Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 12:30 at the Arts & Culture Centre. She's got an MFA in painting, so I'd say she knows what she's talking about. I went with Gerri and Laurie today and managed to listen-in and pick brains. It was good. I didn't bring any painting supplies today, but I did bring some photos for references and my small-things ziploc baggie full of goodies. What kind of goodies, you ask? Well, I've got some devil's purses, teeny mussel shells, a snail shell, a couple of whelk shells, a tiny starfish, and some white thing that was leftover from last year's cod fishery. Dunno what it is, but it looks cool. I drew one of the whelks. It felt so good to be drawing again! Why did I leave it for so damned long? *sigh* Stupid, I guess.  Next week, I'll try to be ready to begin a painting.

Tomorrow is a drawing studio with a live model. I'm hooking up with one of the people who was at my drawing workshop this weekend. Should be good. Should I bring paint? Hmm... I haven't done a nude in anything other than pencil and charcoal in a looooong time.

Paul has been home this week. He got kabonked at judo the other night and has been walking around with a sort of "halo" around his head. He says that it feels like the "veil" is lifting a bit today, but his brains are still sort of scrambled. He's been taking it easy the last couple of days, snoozing with Niki. Reading hurts his peepers. sucks... I'd hate not being able to read!

Well, after my studio tomorrow, I'm thinking I'll re-arrange a few things. Since Dana's coming to Torbay at Xmas-time, I'll be needing to use my "studio" as a spare room again. I'm going to bring my drawing/painting things upstairs to the former "puppy room" and use that as my new studio. It'll be nice to have stuff upstairs so that I'm not tucked away in the basement, away from everybody... except the boys...

Busy afternoon, sitting on the phone today. I had to contact Air Miles in order to book Dana's ticket to Newfoundland. It's always a long drawn-out process. Since she's bringing Shelby with her, I also had to contact Westjet to make sure there was space for the little girlie-dog. Usually the Airmiles person confirms the availability before doing the confirmation code for the passenger's flight, but the wait time was atrocious! As it is, I ended up waiting for nearly 20 minutes to get an actual human. Fortunately, everything worked out the first time around. Dana's coming on the 15th! Hooray!!!

Lucky me! Sean made chili for dinner today. Too bad he didn't get a chance to have any for dinner before he and Kyle headed off to judo. :) More for me! He makes awesome chili. ... he makes awesome cheesecake, too. And he makes this really great Chicken Divan dish using chicken (duh!), tons of fresh broccoli, cream of broccoli soup, and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. He usually serves it with egg noodles, but it's good with rice or just by itself.

Well, I think I'm going to go and have some of that wonderful-smelling chili now. Too bad Sean didn't make a side of biscuits...

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Wake up call
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