Sunday, October 25, 2009

Niki and Baby

love to play with each other. Sometimes I'm not really sure if Baby is playing though. He's a bit of a tough kitty, cranky and bitchy. He screams and hisses, occasionally he tackles little Niki-girl to the ground. I've come upon the two of them in a clinch, Baby on top with Niki on her back... Baby usually pins her down by holding her by the ear or on her collar. But just as quickly, Niki ends up on top with Baby trying to box her ears while balancing on HIS back! The blows fly fast and furious, both beasties boxing one another. Baby snarling, Niki buzz-growling like an overgrown bumblebee. Baby usually jumps onto the chair, feeling that he has the advantage. Niki has grown enough to be able to jump into the chair after him and so she sometimes chases after him and he ends up leaping to the top of the chair. Mostly though, Niki dances around the chair while remaining on the ground.

Something attracts their attention outside and the combatants call a truce. With fangs and claws and cute puppy-dog eyes, they join forces to guard the house.

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Wake up call

Wake up call
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