Friday, October 9, 2009

October is chilly!!!

I'm very glad that we have a fireplace in both the living room and dining room. It gives me such options for when I decide to sit down to read or knit. Knitting also has the added advantage of keeping me warm while I lay it on my lap. ... dog sweaters aren't always the biggest items though. Needed the dog, too.

Pat's visit is nearly done and tomorrow is Turkey Day. Sadly, the real turkey from next door, Smokey, died this morning under a pine tree in our yard. He was 16 years old and had been the neighbour's pet. How can I face turkey tomorrow morning? *sigh* ...

So... Pat's visit was busy! Paul had the week off and we spent the time motoring around with a new car! Okay, okay... back up a bit... we TEST-DROVE a Toyota Echo the other day. Drove the *bleep* out of it on the way to Cape Spear. It's a small thing, but brave. I swear I could hear it chanting "I think I can, I think I can" the whole way up the hill. Anyway, to make a long story short, we bought it and brought it home yesterday. It just fits in the small section of driveway between the gate and the road. Hmm... It's just a smidgen bigger than a Smart car.

Pat was canny this time and brought her hairstyling tools with her. It seems that the experience of trying to cut our hair with my sewing scissors was still stuck in her brain and she wanted to avoid the horror of it this time. lol... hair colour and new styles all around. Pictures? You want pictures? Sure! As soon as I get some taken of the girls 'n hair. :)

Knitting was a blast as well. I made that adorable (if I do say so myself) outfit for Niki and one for Shelby while Pat watched in awe. She persuaded me ( it was easy!) to make a pair of sweaters/dresses for her sister-in-law's pair of Yorkie-girls. Well, I started with the backs while waiting for the measurements to arrive from Grace. They took me a couple of days, but they're adorable. I REALLY hope they fit and can hardly wait to see the photos of the dogs wearing them. That goes for Shelby's dress as well. Hurry up, Dana! Put it on and take a picture once you get the parcel!

Gotta go find out if my little Malibu is ready for pick-up from the mechanic now. It's just past 2:00 and I have yet to plan dinner, take Sean to work, and fetch the Mook from school.

Cheerios! (yes, I know they're a cereal)

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Wake up call
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