Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's up with people who "dent and run" ???

We've got this cute little car, a 2005 Toyota Echo, new to us. We've only had it for the last couple of weeks, and it's a dear little thing. It doesn't particularly like doing anything over 120 kph on the TCH, shuddering until I slow 'er down to a sedate 100 kph. It doesn't really like hills, but Paul has asked me to keep it at or below "2" on the rpm scale... so I do try my best. It's not really a spacious car in terms of spending the day shopping. I had to lower the back seats to make room for groceries and Walmart shopping, but hey, it did okay considering it was only Sean and I out shopping.

So, in other words, it's a nice little car. Well, there I was, with Paul, coming out of Cycle City in Mount Pearl, all unsuspecting of what lay ahead. Paul walked out of the store to his motorcycle (the Buell Ulysses, but let's not get into Harley Davidson shutting down that line of bikes) and the car was parked just alongside it. The not-quite-setting sun shone down on our little Echo, and there, big as a fist, was a dent! A DENT in the passenger side door! And a scratch just below!!! Just beneath the side-view mirror!!! How the heck did that get there? Well, gee... obviously I took a mallet and whaled on it, then took a screwdriver and scratched it as well! NOT!!! Sometime during the day of shopping, parking in strange *shudder* parking lots, SOMEBODY banged their door into our little Echo, popping a fairly large dent into it and scratching it while they were at it!

Don't tell me they wouldn't notice something like that when it happened. THEY KNEW! They KNEW and didn't bother to have the bloody decency to leave a note with their particulars so we'd be able to contact them and get their insurance to cover the repair. Stupid STupid STUPID people!

*sniff* our poor little Echo. I'm going to take her in to see Uncle Scott and find out when he'll be able to fix her up good as new.

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