Thursday, October 15, 2009

October storms

Damn! October is turning out to be a real pain, weather-wise. It's gotten chilly, rainy, dark and gloomy. One day of sunshine does not a happy Christine make. Yesterday was absolutely horrible. It was Paul's last day of holidays and it absolutely POURED all freakin' day! He picked Gerri up with the Echo (echo echo echo) so that she didn't have to swim over and we had coffee in the living room with the fireplace blazing. Lovely heat.

Around 10ish Sean showed up to report that there was water all over Kyle's floor, leaking from his ceiling. Uh-oh... Scamper down the stairs with towels and buckets and discover that the window is leaking from several places as well. Scamper back upstairs to find that the water on Kyle's ceiling is likely due to the water gushing in from the living room door immediately above his room. More towels, more buckets. Water is also dripping from the window casing of the living room windows. Uh-oh... This does NOT look good... scamper further upstairs to check on the master bedroom... sure enough, water's springing from the windows AND the door as well. AAAAAaagh! More towels and buckets! Miranda's room too! Oh no!!! At least the skylights are holding.

Out of towels yet? The dryer still isn't repaired and I'm currently sitting amongst several large bath sheets strung over doors, railings, racks...

The sun is shining today. It's as if nothing ever happened. *sigh* I guess we'll be replacing the windows next year.

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Wake up call
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